Why Android Studio fails to Start on Windows 8 (64bit) OS?


Here is the answer. As We know Android is one of the most used and popular mobile OS in the World. There are many person who wants to learn Android and wants to developed apps on it.

But the problem is that before starting development they have to Install Android Studio Environment in its System. Here alots of people fail to install it.

That’s the reason I am going to described, How you can troubleshoot this issue. If Android Studio didn’t respond due to any technical problem. As this is one of the common Issue and many person face this problem.

Here is the steps. How you can solve this issue.

Step 1: Install Android Studio Click here

Step 2: Now Install Java SE Development Kit 7

Now you have to set the path for Java in your system.

Step 3: Set Path Java Path control panel -> System -> Advance system settings -> Environment variable

Step 4: Add Environment Variable of Java with full Path. eg. (value = c:\program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21 )

Once it will setting up then the issue will resolve.

Hope you enjoy it. If still you have any issue do let us know by commenting below.


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