Pakistan’s first Sikh police officer thrashed, forcibly evicted from house in front of Pakistan Police.

Pakistan’s first Sikh police officer ‘thrashed, forcibly evicted’ from home

Gulab Singh Shaheen said that he was evicted by the Evacuee Trust Property Board from his home near Lahore. Pakistan’s first Sikh police officer claimed that he was forcibly evicted from his house with his children and wife due to property dispute with the Government of Pakistan.

Gulab Singh Shaheen shared a video and said that on Tuesday he was forcibly evicted by the Evacuee Trust Property Board, it is a parent body of Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee in Lahore,

“My turban was forced open and hair was untied,” Singh said in a video he shared on Facebook. In this Video, Singh can be seen pleading to police to give him at least 10 minutes to be in the place where he is staying since 1947.

In 2011, Mr. Gulab Singh had filled a case against Syed Asif Akhtar for illegal selling of Gurudwara property and langar item, reporter said. In February 2018, Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the rule against Syed Asif Akhta. After a complete enquiry ETPB (Evacuee Trust Property Board) said Mr. Singh had illegally occupied the ‘Langar’ Hall of Gurdwara Janum Asthan “Bebe Nanaki Dera Chahil”, which was evacuated by anti-encroachment team of ETPB on Tuesday. ETPB Board said that it’s really appreciable steps by ETPB.

The Evacuee Trust Property Board was established in 1960, It is a statutory body of the Government of Pakistan. It evacuated properties and shrines of Hindus and Sikhs attached to the religious, charitable or educational institution which left behind by Hindus and Sikhs who migrated to India after the 1947 partition of India.


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