Working laws in different Countries will make you love your job even more

If you are a working professional and working in corporate world then you might think about your working hours or days. People also think that, if you are working late night then you are really very good resource for the Company. Whether you are completing your working on time or not. So I presume if this is the theory of work then we Indians are really very hard workers.

So today I am going to tell you some of the countries working law that will surely insist you to think twice to change your city or work location and if for any reason you are not able to change it then for sure you will start crying and you will think that we should have some other advantages as well along with the work.

So Lets Start now.

Japan: Mandatory Power nap time


In Japan there is a practice called Inemuri (Jhapki Lena). It is a normal practice to take a power nap between the working hour. In Japan it is a sign of hard work and it increase the work efficiency. Really very interesting.

Netherlands: Three-day weekend

You know thats really very Interesting, In Netherlands there are three days week off. This laws are creating to keep in mind that there must be healthy work life balance of each and every person and moreover the all the vacations are fully paid. That’s another interesting fact. Who wanna go there.

Austria: Compulsory paid vacation

If you are in Austria then you will get 22 days fix paid off and if you are 25 year’s old employee then you can ask your employment for more leave and yes if you will work on your vacation days then you will get double paid. Wow!

Germany: No Working On Saturdays.

As like India we get two days of in Germany Saturday is also off not only off it’s leagely off declare by Government. The Government of Germany relaise that the youth of Germany should live their live in very well manner and hence they declare the Saturday as working days.

Europe: Travel Time Inclusive with Work time

This decleration has been performed by European Court of Justice (ECJ) last two year’s back. According to this rule the time you spent in travelling will also counted as working hours and it will include in your payout salary. Interesting fact.

Portugal: No firing

If you have been hired in Portugies company in Portugal then you will never been fired till your resignation and you have been compensated with decent retirement packege if they will fired you.

UAE: Reading break

Reading Break

It’s interesting for all the Book lovers. In UAE there is a new national law interoduced according to which all the employees will get some time for reading at work as well.

Belgium: 1 Year Career breaks

That’s another Interesting fact. In Belgium, If you are not taking any vaction then you are a boring person and you have to take leave and go on a vacation for up to 1 year you can also take these 1 year’s as installments. You will get paid during these vacation as well. So go and enjoy.

Australia: Flexible timing of Work.

In Australia, you have to decide your working hours as well as days by yourself it’s called ‘practice of Flextime’. You can also use overtime to manage your working hours if it’s shortage.

I know you heart alots by hearing these working laws of different different countries. So just curiosity want to know in which country you wanna shif?


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