This Restaurant Serves human flesh!


We know Humans are omnivorous they can eat anything from Veg to Non-Veg. Some eat yummy Vegetables and some wants to eat yummy non veg. They always try to taste something new. Some person wants to eat flesh as well. We can say human are one of the greatest mankind till today. That’s why we say they are indomitable king of all. Although every thing is good but no one try to eat human flesh till. The Imagination is very hard to think that one can eat human flesh.

Different types of culinary

In this planet there are restaurants who love to delivered various types of cuision to there customers to make them happy. That’s why people love to travel very long distance just to have and taste various types of food.

The terrifying news

Recently We at TBM(TheBlogMania) heard the news about a resturant who are serving human flesh. Yes you heard right the restaurant who are serving human flesh. The point is that where is the rules and regulations of that particular country as well as humanitarian. We are not supposed to allow anyone to serve human flesh.

It is one of the viral news on the Internet that there is a restaurant in Nigeria who are supposed to served food or meat that is made from human flesh.

A customer who had recently eaten in a restaurant revealed that he got a large amount of bill presented. When he supposed to understand each and everything then he got to know that he was being served human meat and that’s why he has be charged that much amount. Reported said that around 10 people involved in the connection of this crime and they had been arrested.


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