Google Redesigns Gmail – Here’s the List of all New Features

Recently Google has rolling out it’s new redesigned Gmail for desktop and mobile, might be this would be significant changes in Gmail’s history. This revamped version of gmail service offers plenty of features like confidential mode, offline support, email snoozing and many more. Offcourse it help Gmail to be more smarter, secure and easy to use.

In this article we have listed down some of the most significant change which you need to know.

The ‘Confidential Mode’


If you afraid of sending sensitive documents in an email due to fear of hacking of data or email being forwarded?

Now you can click the lock icon at the bottom of an email to enable confidential mode. This features helps you to add extra layers of security in your mail choice. Below are some of the detail of this feature.

  • Self-Destructing Emails: If you want to disappear emails from recipient’s inbox after a certain period of time then you can use this feature. The important is you can revoke mail at any time even after you sent the mail.
  • Un-Forwardable Emails: If you use Confidential email then it does not allow recipient to forward, copy or print the email, but you can take a screenshot or snap shot from your phone.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for Emails: 2FA is a way you can use within the single email to read this type of email you have to enter passcode which will be send to recipients.

The Important is that the above Confidential Mode features will work for non-Gmail Users also.

Now you Wouldn’t Skip Important Emails.


  • Email Snoozing: You can use this feature, If you don’t have too much time to responded any mail immediately then you can snooze the messages for later on and you have to put the time of the snooze at that time the message will be shown again. This is the similar feature of Outlook.

Now Gmail are using artificial intelligence (AI) to remind unread emails if AI thinks it is important.

  • Smart Replies: Gmail gives you smart way to replies with just one touch-button response in Web as well. In 2015 this feature was already there in mobile version of Gmail.

Apart from Security and AI, Google added some other features management features.

gmail notification

  1. offline mode: Now Gmail have inbuilt feature you can use to write an email when you are in offline and then it will sync to your inbox when you got internet.
  2. new gmail features

  3. High-priority notifications: If Gmail AI thinks the particular mail is high priority mail then gmail will send notifications for incoming email.
  4. Another Biggest change in Gmail is it’s sidebar to the right, here you can access all new version of Google Tasks, pop-up versions of Calendar and other third party services that Google uses.

If you want to enable the new Gmail just go to the settings icon in the top-right corner, then select “Try the new Gmail” option.
try new gmail

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