Must See these Places in India once in your Lifetime

If you love adventure India is best place. So in this post we are going to describe some mysteries places of India. You won’t believe.

Here are some of the Uncommon Places that Actually Exist In India:

1- Nohkalikai, Meghalaya:


Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Its height is 1115 feet, making it as the highest waterfall in India. The waterfall is located near Cherrapunji, Nohkalikai means ‘Fall of Ka Likai’. The name Nohkalikai can be translated from Khasi to ‘Jump of Ka Likai’ (ka is a prefix for the female gender in Khasi). The main story behind its name is that the woman named Ka Likai jumped to her death after husband killed her daughter and cooked up her remains into a meal. Her suicide gave the waterfall its name.

2- Hanging Pillar, Andhra Pradesh:


Hanging Piller basically situated in Andhra Pradesh in the Templa named Lepakshi temple. Out of 70 pillars of this temple one of them is hang without any support. Visitors always try to pass some object to check wether its real or fake. But once the boject passed from one to another side then they get surprised to know that the piller actually hangs without any support.

3- Land of Mass Bird Suicides:


This Village have faced strange experiences every year. Every year in monsoon, hundreds of migratory birds fly and crash with each other or with trees and mountain cliffs which conclude their painful death. Till today no one knows the reason of this mystery of bird suicide.

4- Majuli :


Majuli is a world Largest River Island located on river Brahmaputra in Assam. Today Majuli have captured an area of around 875 sq km.

5- Gravity Hill:


Magnet Hill also known as “gravity hill” located near Leh in Ladakh, India. It is said to be that the hill is magnetic as vehicles seems automatically pulled towards the hill without any forces.


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