10 Most Haunted Places In India


As we know India is a land of mysterious places. We have all grown up with listening such stories of ghosts and spirits from our Grand Mother or Father. We are here with such famous places around the India which is famous for there spiritual and haunted stories. We are not sure about there faithfulness but yes we can say that still people scare with these places.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan


Bhangarah Fort, about this place said that ‘Tantrik’ or ‘Aghories’ lives here and they perform there unnatural activities. Visitors not allowed here after sunset, villagers around this places have seen many paranormal activities inside this place. There is a store behind this place that this house is roofless if someone trying to build roof on this palace then it collapses just within a days.

2. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad


Ramoji Film City is build on the lands of Nizam Sultans which is experiences by paranormal activities that’s the reason there are alots of hotels in the Ramoji Film City have been reported about paranormal activities.

3. GP Block, Meerut


This building is reported with alots of paranormal activities. It is double storeyed building and this house apparently. In this building you can seen four men having drinks and it has been reported by alots of people exactly. You can also seen a girl step out of house in a red dress.

4. National Library, Kolkata


Ghosts of labourers who died in the building have been spotted here. There are many incident occur, long time ago there was a student who entered here for research but he never return back. There are people who say that every morning papers and books could be easily found scattered around the desks in the library.

5. The Church Of Three Kings, Goa


This church is know by locals people of Goa’s the most haunted spot. There are some stories that portugese king murdered two other kings and later committed suicide there.

6. Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai


You know the architect who designed this Hotel was killed himself inside the hotel itself just because the final design was not made as per there wish. A lots of guests have reported and seen that ghost appearing in the corridors of the hotel.

7. Tunnel No. 103, Shimla


People have seen some of the spirits of British talking with each other inside this Tunnel, Some people also seen a woman’s spirit pass through the walls of the tunnels.

8. Brij Bhavan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan


This place have still filled with the Ghosts of British General and his son who died during the revolt of 1857. According to guard they are generally harmless but some people say that they have been slapped by invisible people during the night 😀 funny isnt’t it?

9. Writer’s Building, Kolkata


This building is famous for its ghost stories. It is said that the ghost of Captain Simpson roams is wondering here and there after sunset and that’s the reason building staff is also not dare to stay here after sunset.

Mukesh Mill, Mumbai


This mill was shutdown in 1980 after a fire outbreak. It convert this mill in to a bollywood horror movies perfect location but there are some directors as well as actors/actress refuse to shoot here due to some of the paranormal activities.

P.S.: This article has been written by studying various sources from online. Team TheBlogMania are not trying to create rumours or defame any place by writing about it.


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