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What is Domain Authority?

As we know there are millions of Website available in the World and some of them are good and some of them are not. So the important factor is to find out the Good Website. Which is relevant for you. Domain Authority or DA is that Statical data which is used to know the website importance. If your Website have high Domain Authority then some how your website is very high search volume as well as very good for users point of View. This Value is provided by moz.

What is Page Authority?

As we know there are millions of Webpages available in the World some of them have good content some of them have bad. Page ranking is based on the content existing in the Page. It also provide authority which is called Page Authority. Page Authority is value provided by moz based of the relevancy of the Content and how much frequently visiters visit that page.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

If you want to increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the Website. So before proceeding further you have to properly understand the differences between each others. Domain Authority gives you score for whole domain while page authorigy will only provide you a particular page value. Page Authority also provide you the predictive ranking strength by the help of it you can easily findout which product or services page is relevant for your Website and then you can target your Keywords according.