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How to merge two or more PF Accounts

February 21, 2018

If you are changing your job multiple times then might be you are aware of multiple Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Accounts, So EPFO has introduce UAN (Universal Account Number) which help to combined your multiple accounts in to single accounts for EPFO. How to activate UAN? Each and Every EPFO Member is allotted with a […]

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How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

February 7, 2018

As we all know that If we have dual-SIM phone then we can easily use both the seprate SIM cards to make calls using separate numbers not only phone calls even though if you have to start texting then you use both those number as seprate. So why You Use Only One WhatsApp in One […]

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How to Lose Weight of 2 Pound in Just 3 Days – Military Diet

January 26, 2018

The Military diet or we can say 3 day Diet. It is one of the most easiest way to lose weight. The Diet is divided into 2 parts you need to follow the Diet in 3 days and then 4 days in a week take off to lose 2 pound weight in a week. If […]

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How to Get Fit in Just 10 Minutes a Day

January 21, 2018

Many people want to get fit but we always heard from them that “I don’t have enough time.” or we can say it is one of the top most excuses for not exercising. So here are some of the tips and quick exercise you can do or follow from anywhere and without too much expense […]

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Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

April 3, 2017

As we all know there are many ways to loss weight very fast but it requires a lots of hard work. Here are some tips and tricks, If you will use this and change your habits then you will actually lose your weight very easily. The Blog Mania comes up with some tips and tricks […]

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