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Shocking : A Man In Maharashtra Was Burning Alive While People Clicked Pictures.

Written by Vivek

India where more then 400 people are killed in road accidents everyday and people tired up with this type of news so they just ignore it. But can we stop this type of calamities from happening? NO, it’s not we can’t stop it.

Yesterday in Maharashtra’s Beed District, two bikers collapsed with each other. One of the riders were injured and other was laying unconscious. Due to this accident bike cought fire but the man who was unconscious couldn’t able to shout and safe themselves because due to this accident he was in unconscious.

The worst thing was happend that no one came for help him. Some of the person were gathered there were only for clicked pictures and videos and post it online. When police reached there then at that time man’s face and body was burned alots and no one can recognized him easily.

“We are yet to establish who the victim is,” senior police officer G Sreedhar told.

Since the number plates on the bike were burnt, we are unable to get much details about the victim. All we could tell from the plates was that the bike was registered in Parbhani (a town nearby). We have given the plate to the Regional Transport Office, which can give us details,” Mr Sreedhar said.

But My main intent to write this article is that what happend to us? What we are doing? Why we are looking this world with our camera lenses instead of Eyes? What happend to our humanity?

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