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How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

Written by Vivek

As we all know that If we have dual-SIM phone then we can easily use both the seprate SIM cards to make calls using separate numbers not only phone calls even though if you have to start texting then you use both those number as seprate. So why You Use Only One WhatsApp in One Accounts, If you have two numbers? Yes You know you can easily use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile phone Wonderd Right?

So there are some phone makers offering built in feature of dual app. In some cases if you don’t have that then you can use some third-party apps but you know it’s really very easy and cool method to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android Phone. This facility is not available for iPhone User bad luck for any feature Update. Here is an app link you can use for your android phone. Dual Apps

Yes obviously, If you want to use two WhatsApp in one phone then you must have dual-SIM phone because WhatsApp have rules and regulations that they use phone number as your identity and they send SMS or Call. Now If you want to use two WhatsApp in single phone then you have to go to Setting and check that your phone manufacturer provided you the facilty to create dual app.

You know if you have Chinese Manufacturers phone then they easily allow you to create clones of your apps. Some of the Mobile phone manufacturer called like Xiaomi called Dual Apps, Vivo Calls App Clone, Oppo Calls it Clone App. You know in case your phone doesn’t support this feature then you can use Some apps to create dual apps.

For Oppo, Xiaomi & Honor User

If you have any of these phones then you can follow incredibly simple steps to create dual app and the most important thing is that all these manufacturers provide almost have same process.

Some of the Key Features of Parallel Space

  • Small apk size (2 MB)
  • Dual Accounts
  • Task Manager in Parallel Space monitors apps
  • Storage Manager to monitor apps size
  • Invisible Installation of apps for privacy
  • Notifications received in real time

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