10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Legend Sridevi

Sridevi, The legendary actor of Bollywood has passed away recently and social media is flooded with a-lots of condolences and reminiscence of Ms. “Hawa Hawai”.

Today we are going to show you some of the facts about this legendary actress probably you don’t know about it.

1. Her father ‘Shree Ayyapan Yanger’ was a lawyer of Madras Court and She was born in 1963.

2. She was started her career at the age of 4 in Thirumugham’s devotional film, Thunaivan (1967).

3. In an Interview with The New Indian Express in 2013, Sridevi discussed about here carefree childhood when she was start working as an actor.

“I lost out on going to school and college life but I got into the film industry and worked without a gap — from child actor I went straight to heroine. There was no time to think and I was grateful for it,” she said. “In order to get something you have to lose something. You can’t have everything in life. So I am happy with what I got.”

4. People love her Performances in Hindi Cinema that’s why she was ruling this industry for long period of time not only in hindi film industries but she has also worked on south film industry as well like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada films. She was very much dedicated about her career and her work that’s why despit having high fever she finished shoot for one of the movie shong ‘Na Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hai’ of movie Chaalbaaz.

5. She has been awarded by Government of India in 2013 as fourth highest Civilian honor.

6. She was the first actress who receive the title of ‘female superstar’ in India.

7. She knows Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films.

8. She was fitness enthusiast, she has no any history of heart-disease. She had just one weakness, Ice-Creams.

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9. Sridevi’s favourite color was white. She love everything in ‘white’. That’s why her last journey’s truck filled with white flowers. There is a report released that sridevi always wanted the color white and that’s why her family fullfil her last wish with the white filled truck.

10. Bollywood’s first female superstar Sridevi was one of the highest paid Hindi film actress during 1985-1992. Really she was a leagend.

We at TheBlogMania always Condolences to this legend’s family and her fans and offcourse she will always live in our hearts.


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